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Goodbye Mr Yuck Pantry

…or… “What I Did With My Week’s Holiday”…

….pantry inserted into old kitchen entry at end of hallway circa “when-everything-was-built-with-horrid-MDF”….sans ugly fake wood grain doors….

…enter 4+ days of hard, no building experience, labour….

…scratch built from a couple of pieces of rimu I got from friends, a huge rimu cabinet with three sliding doors that came from the folks new house, a couple of pallets from work and part of the counter from that shop I used to own…

…almost everything fits….

…and it makes me dislike my freezing cold pre 1900, mucked about by philistines, kitchen a little less….especially with it’s new found expansive sweeping views up the hallway….

….(actually, this will be blocked up again and I’m having a whole-house-heating log burner installed)….(just in time for the end of spring)….

10 responses to “Goodbye Mr Yuck Pantry

  1. Very enterprising. Great view up the hallway, you’ll spend many a happy hour gazing at that I should imagine. 🙂

  2. Pamo ⋅

    What a fabulous project! Job very well done!! And your gallery is spectacular. Can’t wait to see what you do next.

  3. Jan De Stripman van Vlierden ⋅

    Nice work ! But everything seems to be very white. Where is that beautiful green wall ?

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