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Deedrees Rekkid

…celebrated the release of Dee’s new album, “She Shanties For Frank”, a week back…

…wicked gig in a great room (let’s do that again)…didn’t get many (if any) good picks from the back (and under the influence)….but maybe if you know this guy…

…he recorded quite a bit of the gig and took loads of photos….


…hit the address above go to the “music” section and there’s a couple of tunes to listen to….and if you click on the “She Shanties For Frank” image it will take you to band camp where you can download the album…..

….also available on cassette locally….

…and in these covers with a lyric booklet…(cover image and screen printing by Chris…booklet hand drawn/water colour washed by Dee….foldingstaplinggluingtrimming by me…)

…when we receive the round black plastic inserts…huge props to Holiday Records…bringing vinyl production back to NZ for the first time since last century…

….bring the noise.

16 responses to “Deedrees Rekkid

  1. Love the music! Real Dunedin-Sound. Congratulations.

  2. P.S.: Have just put a link to your site, on my site:

  3. Will come back to this as I’m on a stupid slow iPad. Artwork looks good!

  4. Pamo ⋅

    Wow!!! Congratulations to Dee!!! Love her sound and voice. Different and original. And it’s so cool that all of you collaborated to make it happen. I’m a bit jealous of your creative community- but mostly very happy and excited for Dee and all of you. Wish I could be there in person to experience it- but am grateful to listen online.
    Congratulations again! AWESOME!!!

  5. Pamo ⋅

    We feel welcomed already!
    Keep creating- you guys are AWESOME!

  6. Just listened for the 3./4./5. time (very loud) through both albums: mind-boggling, getting better every time. Very inspiring. Startet to paint during listening. Many thank´s to Deirdre and the band, and the studio and the engineer; most beautiful noise.

  7. Spencer Hall ⋅

    Playing 40 Paces on CKUT in Montreal now!

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