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This summer “just” gone….on a long ramble down the Taieri River we…myself and intrepid, inflatable boat enthusiast, Dee…. discovered bees, hundreds of them, poking about on a sand bar at the waters edge….

… coming and going to a couple of spots…like someone had performed a waggle dance back at the hive and reported that the river was running with honey….

…took us a while to figure it out…obvious really….

….this is where bees go to drink….

….went back a few months later to confirm….

….yep…this IS where bees go to drink….

…and what happens if you get too close?….

…you forget which way up you’re holding you’re camera….

(…oh, and this is a only a mile or two down river from where that tractor driver discovered the moa footprints….(google “moa footprints”)…..)

3 responses to “Bees

  1. Pamo ⋅

    I never thought about bees needing to drink! What a great find. And those bees look lovely.
    We don’t see as many bees around here as we use to- don’t know if I’m just more aware or if it’s the bee shortage crisis in action….

    • …might be less hives in the area….plant more flowers….and then plant some more….then call a local apiarist to find out where your nearest hive is…do you get bumble bees?….look into making bumble bee habitats….we all need more opportunities to get stung…. : )

      • Pamo ⋅

        We do have bumble bees and a dog that likes to eat them. Every now and then she succeeds and we have a puffy faced dog.
        Probably are less hives in the area. I know of some south of here. We have been planting less flowers in the past few years. Hadn’t thought of that! Perhaps next season, there will be more flowers in the plan.

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