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Let There Be Light Fittings

…I first “met” this particularly wonderful example of 70s plastic and “gold” plated light fitting when I had the record shop at Chicks Hotel in Port Chalmers…

…I needed to own them…

…but they were attached to the pub…

…I’d drive by and ogle the only other example I knew of when ever I could….it’s a commercial double sized version that hangs in a glassed in stairwell on the side of a warehouse in the South Dunedin industrial area…just down from my favourite DIY materials haunt….


…having driven past a second hand shop sign outside Ranfurly on numerous occasions and thought “how sad that it had ceased operations on the main street”, I drove thru Ranfurly in the other direction only to discover that I’d been completely missing the other sign that indicated that said shop had moved to the outskirts town….(duh)…..

…The Curiosity Shoppe is now located in a delightfully spacious tin shed next to a converted railways workshop, where the proprietor resides….having met a kindred spirit in said proprietor and during the ensuing tour of the premises, right at the back of said railways workshop, we came upon two large cardboard boxes containing….oh be still my beating heart….not one, not two, but five of the coveted light fittings all separated in to halves and covered in dust….


…bargaining between second dealer-collectors….

….I bought two….

…and promised photos when I’d got them installed…

…that was months ago, sorry Ali’, but now they’re up….

…in the living room….

…and the library….

….thank you Ali’….

…my life is near as damn complete….


7 responses to “Let There Be Light Fittings

  1. Ooh yes I can see why you fell for those! (shouldn’t’ there be books in the library? 🙂 )

  2. Pamo ⋅

    Those are wonderful lights! And they look awesome hanging! So glad you found them. The universe has a way of delighting us sometimes.
    And sounds like you’ve found a wonderful new spot to rummage around in.

    • …there’s always a new spot to rummage around in, Pamo….in fact, I was rummaging around in the library yesterday and found a whole bunch of stuff (who knew I had a sewing machine!) I didn’t need to find elsewhere!!….am now concentrating on finishing art stuff (allegedly) instead of find more “victims” for the brush and pyrography machine…. : )

      • Pamo ⋅

        I think everyone has a sewing machine somewhere! 🙂 Looking forward to seeing your next art in between the finds. We’ve been busy and I am defocused from finishing art but will get to it eventually. Art on!

      • …at last count I think I had 13 or 14 pieces started, some nearing completion, so I shouldn’t be too far away from another series of reveals….look forward to seeing yours… : )

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