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Pre-loading Projects Pre-Holiday

…it all starts in that damn sketch book…

…just one obsessive scrawl in the corner of a page….casually re-imagining that skull and crossbones design thing you’ve been chasing around…(and around….and around)….

…and then….you add another idea involving bits of scrap ply you still haven’t re-cycled since closing the record shop…..(just below ANOTHER octopus)….

….head back to the flies to flesh them out and make them more patterny….

….realise that they could be a good “venue” for those marvellous acrylic metallic, paints they sell in handy test pots at a local paint shop (…er…national chain of paint shops…big ups the Resenes folk)…

…get said acrylic metallic paints…

…get serious with the acrylic metallic paints….and the afore mentioned skull and crossbones design thing….

…suddenly wish you hadn’t done that in your sketch book instead of maybe committing it to some form of less pagey media….

….console self by going out and collecting a-lot of metallic test pots to further experiment with colour combo’s…..

…film the whole damn matter so as to get the glitter affect through to the slightly confused….(“what is he going on about these acrylic metallic paints for, looks like flat colours to me”)….

….prepare for “relaxing” holiday in Kokonga….painting metallic flys on all manner of things, 24hrs a day or until made to stop….

…see you all in a week or so with (hopefully) some results….

…(some areas of sketchbook pages blurred to protect other ideas and aid concentration on the idea at hand)….

…(thank you…you’re welcome)….

: P

13 responses to “Pre-loading Projects Pre-Holiday

  1. Wow those metallics are perfect for flies! I presume (never a wise thing but hey ho) skulls have taken you as far as they could, and the creativity bug is moving you on. Tally Ho!

  2. Pamo ⋅

    Very cool! Love the metallic and the flies! Can’t wait to see more. Have a great holiday!!!

  3. Thiefal ⋅

    Epic Tony. I wondered what was up with the blurry pages – assumed you had been crying into your notebook again. Can’t wait to see the new bits. Big up!

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