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Slightly Larger Than The Last One

…but no less attractive with it’s gold/black/silver livery surrounding a rampant tentacle….

…and a slightly sideways view for those of us who require knowledge of depth….

…(mmmm…rampant tentacle)….

6 responses to “Slightly Larger Than The Last One

  1. Oh yes, I do like the combo of Octopussy and Jolly Roger, a match made in heaven. Or in/on the sea really.

  2. It is a lovely thing that you hold, and to behold, but … I have forgotten what it is, an olive dish? To Serve Octopus Tapas? Tips?

    • …erm…small wooden dish I found at a charity shop…abandoned there when previous owner realised that eating off wood belongs to another age where our forebears ate off wood…

  3. adrian hall ⋅


    • …(rushes back to post to check spelling….phew…an obscure pun like comment…spends 5 minutes trying to come up with a better one…..fails)….game set and appendage to you sir….

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