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Lockdown 3

…the truth is I’m not really locked down…I work for a transport firm…unloading truck & trailer units and rail wagons, late at night, with a fork lift…I’m “essential”…at least while the freight still flows…we’ve already had our hours cut and start times moved as the numbers of truck arrivals are reduced….

…I’d have to admit to being a little disappointed that all the projects that immediately sprang to mind when the lockdown was announced, are now out of reach…especially with the shift in start/finish times meaning that I’ll be arriving home very close to my usual bedtime reducing the amount of daylight hours/Dee not sleeping hours available to me to nil…. so I’m picking that I’ll be sleep maladjusted and more than a little bit grumpy for the duration….(will be painting up a storm and/or complaining blogging in the wee hours to console myself)…..


….could be worse…

…while I’m at work my hallway could fall foul to an infestation of musicians and the instruments they rode in on…

…(note – amplifier in middle of hallway is disproportionately larger than attached instrument and plugged into the outlet closest to the log burner)….

…(not a trip hazard at all)….

11 responses to “Lockdown 3

  1. I can’t help wonder what all the pieces of wood are ofr, are building an extension?

  2. Keep up the good work, all round actually

  3. Pamo ⋅

    I’ve been following along with all your latest…. glad to see you and Dee clicking along. Keep ’em coming!

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