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Lockdown 7

…in the current climate of heightened crafting …

..I think it is timely to remind you all NOT to run with the scissors….

…(…note the accumulation of items in my to-do crafting pile….hoping to reduce that in the coming months….)….(and would encourage you all to do the same with you’re own accumulations of “good-ideas-with-every-intention-of”….)….

4 responses to “Lockdown 7

  1. Never with an Ak47 or in Lycra, or both. They will likely lead to ridicule and death, though not necessarily in that order. Time indeed to craft a new future.

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    • …a new future indeed….I’m making mine out of empty German beer bottles and leaves from pseudopanax crassifolius…(some scissors required)….loving the spandex/lycra idea…firing from the hip…scissors in the hand…what colour will your headband be?….

  2. tootone scizzorlittlehands has a nice ring to it…

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