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Lockdown 17/18

….wup!….missed a day….

…my official line of excuse runs – was to attempting to work on stressful holiday project in limited space, in middle of night, whilst endeavouring not to wake up Dee/whole fucking neighbourhood with power tool buzz/loud swearing, then ran out of creative patience so watched shows online instead of blogging….

….we live in tense times…

….I recommend resorting to music….

…wether it be in the green room whilst you’re supposed to be helping with side chores to the stressful holiday project….

…or wether you get inspired by Grace Of Spades on mixcloud….(check her out she has excellent taste in fine soulful tunes)….and feel the need to treat Dee to a birthday set to accompany her morning exercises…live and direct no headphones selecting from the library….(after shifting 300 tonnes of stressful holiday project so you can access the decks)….

….ah…music…the proper pathway to abandoning a stressful holiday project….

…stressful holiday project?….

…what stressful holiday project?….

8 responses to “Lockdown 17/18

  1. Dee looks suitably impressed 🤣

  2. Delightful as always, true humanity meets insanity … clause. Happy belated Birthday Dee. A personal DJ is what we all need at these times, an algorithm just doesn’t cut it. Love the photos, real people doing unreal things. That micro keyboard, solitary confinement issue?


    • ….Dee has had the keyboard confiscated whilst in solitary confinement for avoiding stressful holiday project side chores….(actually she’s using the Casio Tonebank to write ditties to fill a c60 tape she’s recording on a ’90s ghetto blaster)….(should be a goodie)….

  3. Now that is something that I’d like to hear go viral. KickStart The Eject Button.

  4. Justin Naish ⋅

    Where is the audio Link ??? Sounds Fun Times Up Ya Valley Blessings snd Big Tunes …JFI.

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