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Lockdown 20

….it has been over 24 hours since I last looked at the “stressful-holiday-project”….

…(deep intake of breath)…


..all the component parts are still there, where I left them…(even some of the bits for “phase 2”)…

….it does not appear to be completing itself …

…I’m not sure I can remember how I envisaged it pre-needing-to-stop-doing-it-before-I-had-a-brain-bleed….

…I wish it had come with Ikea like instructions….

4 responses to “Lockdown 20

  1. Are you making Firewood? Stop, just stick it all in the shed and it will make itself into just that in no time, job done, no stress. Kick back on the two nice seats there with a cold one, or six.


    • …the shed is already full of off cuts and other stressful holiday project remnants….will try downing a fifth of scotch and setting fire to the whole sordid mess whilst dancing about laughing maniacally…(cue music)….

  2. It’s not going well is it?

    • …as well as can be expected considering the stress, the project and the fact that the holiday is over….now it’s just a mess in what used to be the library and now is referred to as “the spare room”…..

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