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Lockdown 24

….never mind the four horsemen of the apocalypse….

….beware the 4 corners of the studio!….

…I’m kinda hoping for an extension to lockdown so I can have a bit of a tidy up….(read that as make/paint more stuff)….

7 responses to “Lockdown 24

  1. I was thinking ‘organised chaos’ but probably not 😊

  2. Pamo ⋅

    Bet you know where everything is!
    I’ve been following along….

    • …I keep looking behind myself to check you’re there…always reassuring to catch a rare sighting….(finding stuff sometimes takes awhile…these are not the only corners where I “store” things of alleged use!!)…

      …are you finding time to make stuff in these stay at home times?….

  3. Pamo ⋅

    I keep meaning to do a post…. Jeff and I have been very fortunate- we’ve been able to keep our main store open since it’s transportation related and we sell safety gear. It helps tremendously that the Covid-19 numbers in our city/county are remarkably low (for now). But obviously, it’s all so stressful.
    The initial grief period of such a disruption in daily life, for me, is waning down, and I’m feeling more energy. Jeff actually said to me yesterday that it was time for me to begin creating again (for my sanity).
    I’m glad to see the posts of you and Dee- it feels great to know you guys are out there.
    Things of alleged use… I’m borrowing that phrase!!! LOL!!!

    • …looking forward to more of your stuff…so glad you’ve got a bit of biz ongoing…tough times for alot of folk….we are so lucky in NZ that we were able to watch what the world was doing before it finally got here…being in the middle of nowhere does have it’s advantages!….(am thinking of getting a label maker so that I can mark stuff “allegedly useful”)….

  4. Pamo ⋅

    Being in the middle of nowhere is simply awesome. 🙂
    And a perfect label maker it would be!!

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