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Lockdown 29


….I stocked up on a bunch of test pot colours pre-lockdown (ha!…and you were all buying toilet paper!) for a project that proved too noisy and too stinky (burning +oneware is best done sans house mate, the smell of blazing 70s wood finishes does linger a “bit”) and have run out of “melting moments” one coat shy of the next part of the less noisy, less stinky project I switched to…

…was reduced to adding small quantities of water, leaving to soak and shaking the container violently so as to extract a wan near-water-colour consistency fluid to wash over the piece in the vain hope that I could achieve the cover I needed….

…7 coats later….



…and while I can (I think) order more on line, I’d feel like I was abandoning my local paint shop to a post-lockdown wasteland with only test-pots to eat….

…first world lockdown problems….

6 responses to “Lockdown 29

  1. What’s in it? Perhaps try the sauce from a fast food delivery service. I once burned a hole through a tweed jacket eating a kebab on walk home, but it might have been a joint.

  2. No idea what melting moments is, have you tried candle wax ?

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