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Lockdown 31

….before we get into this I must apologise to Chris for my blatant desecration of his wonderful artwork that graces the cover of the Tiny Pieces of 8 Lp, “She Shanties For Frank”…

…hopefully you can forgive me bro’….


…I couldn’t resist all that empty space….

…and we had a few extra copies of the screen printed cover floating about….

…and I wanted my copy of the Lp (number 13) to be a little more different than the rest with it’s personalised burnt CD of the early mixes….


….and as my cousin Phil is always fond of saying….

…”you know what would look good on that?….a skull and crossbones, that’s what”….

…there…..admission done…

…now to go find some more empty space….

9 responses to “Lockdown 31

  1. If thee can’t stick Skull ‘n’ Cross Bones on a Sea Shanty record, where the shivering timbers can thee Stick’m? Don’t answer that.

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  2. Don’t know what the before looked like, but am sure that can only be an improvement, very fitting for Sea Shanties. Or She Santies. Whatever.

  3. Pamo ⋅

    Ah- I love it!!! Nice addition.

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