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Level 3.2

…remember these?….

…they moved on to be….


…they eventually became…

….repurposed as a New Zealand Music Month vid’ for Dee’s wonderfully catchy tune, “shit fly”…written to celebrate the delightful cloud of short-lived flying things that hover round the outhouse out at Aramoana….

…a fitting end for nearly 100 brooches presented in a custom built carry case for a pre-xmas market thing that didn’t happen….

…(damn…thought I had a bunch of photos of the production lay out…flies all arranged on trays with the “colour guide” post it notes that I used to ensure that none of the flies have the same colour scheme)…


…here’s some post video shots…..

…maybe they’ll have another market this coming Xmas….

…if we’re allowed out by then….

17 responses to “Level 3.2

  1. Fantastic Dee. So good to hear your SHIT. It is good shit. Loved it. Thanks All x

    Sent from my iFly Swatter


  2. Brooches? I think they’d make rather nice drinks coasters/beer mats.

  3. adrian hall ⋅

    Hey – can’t wait to see that one person show – ( with the soundtrack . . . ) Fab stuff Squire!

  4. I want one too…but also like Fraggle says…coasters!Make some…waiter theres a fly in my drink etc etc

  5. Pamo ⋅

    Wow!!!! Love it ALL!!! The video is amazing with Dee’s music and your art. BLOWN AWAY!!!
    These are awesome brooches. With all respect to the amazing Fraggle- NOT coasters. NO!!! These need to be wearable art as intended.
    Blown away!

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