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For Months

…I’ve been walking past this piece hanging in the hallway, completed last year, and I was mistakenly under the impression that I’d posted it….

…was scrolling back a bit to remind myself how to blog and realised it wasn’t there…

…so now it is….

…and some stills to reduce the blur….

…all the flies are detailed in acrylic metallic paints…they glisten as you walk by….

….must now cross reference everything in the house with the back-blog to make sure it’s all been shown to you….

…(or could he just be stalling for time to complete that “big-secret-project” he keeps promising us?)….

14 responses to “For Months

  1. Am awaiting The Big Reveal … actually, this is gentle and caring enough for me, Thanks for sharing it.

  2. Lovely work, it’s very big. What is it? Look forward to your secret project, but the big thing will be hard to beat.

  3. Love this…I have tried to do this sort of detailed work and it never comes out like this. Great work TT

    • …cheers Clare…I think it’s the years and years of process work….that and years and years of cartooning….these two factors have combined to produce someone who can mindlessly do the same thing for hours on end…with drool coming out the corner of my mouth and the next project percolating in my brain….

  4. adrian hall ⋅

    How could you starve us of this TwoTone?
    at such a needing time -thank you!
    Beautiful even – it bodes well for the world.

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