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So Busy Building Something For An Up-coming Project I Almost Forgot To Post Another Annoying Teaser For That Thing I Finished Ages Ago

…is it me or are these titles getting longer?….


…template “b”…

…and associated noodlings….

…will inevitably lead to paintbook…

…I’m still working on those frames….


6 responses to “So Busy Building Something For An Up-coming Project I Almost Forgot To Post Another Annoying Teaser For That Thing I Finished Ages Ago

  1. Brings new meaning to the phrase ‘got an eyefull’.

    • …cheers Frag’…the eyes most definitely have it….

    • Pamo ⋅

      Tony- A long title is most perfect.
      Were you a quilt maker in a previous life? Absolutely love the designs!
      Tony and Frag-
      Been trying to come up with a blog post for several months… but wanted to wait until the story started to wrap up in some meaningful way. Still haven’t found the motivation for a blog post but wanted to let the two of you know where I’ve been.
      On June 8th, we had a fire at our business- no one was hurt and the fire was contained to one area- but unfortunately, because of the massive smoke and water, our business was declared a total loss. So for all of June, July and August- we have moved more stuff than I ever thought was possible…. all of the stuff out of the business, new stuff into a temporary business, then when it became apparent that the building where the fire occurred would not be ready until 2021…. we moved more stuff into another building into another town.
      We’ve been open in our new location for a month now. It’s been quite a journey.
      Plus I put myself on a media break… just couldn’t handle all the news and deal with my own stuff. The good news is we feel strong and love our new store.
      I think about both of you and do check in every now and then. You guys are friends even if only virtually.
      That’s the update.

      • So sorry to hear that Pam, must have been scary biscuits. But good to know you’ve both weathered the storm and are in a better place now. 2020 eh? đŸ™„

      • …(shit shoulda read this comment first!)….OMG Pamo….that’s awful news…so relieved no one was hurt…wish I’d been there to lend a hand…keep us updated with the progress of the new place…(and looking forward to the new artworks)…

      • Pamo ⋅

        Thanks Tony. We made it through but never want to do that again!
        Lots of art ideas when I make the time. In the meantime I’ll enjoy looking at yours.

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