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Last Weeks Mystery Object Explained

…it’s one of these….

….came with this bright idea for containing my paints aaaages ago….and have been using a cardboard mock-up of what I had in mind since then….

….finally got it made when a looming project required an up tick in how many colours I need at my finger tips….

…the paint brush hole was a late add in, necessitated by the fact that I’d no longer have space for a paint brush pot on the edge of my work space after adding the new improved paint box….

…(yes I’m still stalling for time on the big secret project)….

…(and may continue to do so for an unspecified length of “awhile”)…

6 responses to “Last Weeks Mystery Object Explained

  1. Pamo ⋅

    I love it!!! Your work space is awesome!!!

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