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Sketchy Wednesday

…first in a series to catch up on the “new” sketch book….

…which I haven’t posted from since…er…well…since I put up the painted frontispiece that you can see sticking out on the left hand side….

…big secret project has made me a bit hoardy with my art stuff….

…spending most of my break time at work drawing…sandwich or cup of tea in one hand….multi coloured pen in the other…

…and am managing to churn out a sketch book page every 4 or 5 days….

…..trying to relearn sharing….

8 responses to “Sketchy Wednesday

  1. CE Scott

    Wish my notebooks looked like yours,,,love the ‘all over’ drawing…

  2. Pamo

    A wonderful share! Thank you.
    You are inspiring me to do the same. (My sketch book is mostly blank. I’m changing that.)
    Love the word “hoardy”!!!

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