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An Exception To The Back Log

…template “d”…

…at least I think it’s template “D” … template “C”, currently in use in the sketchbook, is the one back there on the post-it notes…yep, must be template “D”)….

….and this is what it’s for….

…a quick study on A3 paper,  in water colour before I move to board and paint…

…(major props to wordpress artist Nick who mentioned using water colour on his latest stuff…that triggered “hey, I need to see if this idea works and know it won’t fit in paintbook and I don’t want to take weeks doing it at A3 in paint that takes 40 minutes to dry between applications so why not see if you can make a new medium work”….result!…you can find Nick at

…thank you Nick…)…

…detail?…why of course…

…shit…guess I’ve committed to this being the next thing I work on….

P.S…..first time in an age that I’ve posted something within one hour of finishing…

7 responses to “An Exception To The Back Log

  1. It’s quite mesmerising.

  2. Pamo

    Love this!! Saw this the other day but didn’t get a chance to comment- but so glad to see it. Yay next big thing!!

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