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Outed Grinch

…choosing to be on nightshift can often mean that you are unintentionally excluded from participating in the day to day group activities of a busy, team oriented workplace….

…there’s been considerable excitement at ours about a company wide, branch versus branch Xmas “decorate-the-office-competition” …

…someone even managed to borrow a float from Dunedin’s Santa Parade for group photos….of course they were arranged to take place whilst I would be sound asleep….

…I know I’m renowned for my anti Xmas-spirit…but deep down I’m a competitive bastard and was starting to feel a little left out…..the float was in the shed when I arrived at work and that note on the notice board did say I could shift it if I needed to…..

…so I had my own Santa Parade….

…so little time….so much to do…..

…so you should probably dock me 20 minutes for pissing about, Boss…

…jingle bells…

…(and the photos? ….. taken the next day before I clocked out!)…..

11 responses to “Outed Grinch

  1. Ooh Gingerbread house! Nice!

  2. The 2020 roadshow sign off. Great use of suspense. David Lynch shall now shine your shoes.


    • ….suspense?….completely accidental when you’re the camera operator and the driver…pushing the button and clearing the camera rig were no mean feat on ones todd….
      …(David Lynch would probably have a fit if he saw how filthy my work boots are)….

  3. Pamo

    That was hilarious!!! The suspense of waiting for the float to go by, while unintentional, made the whole episode completely worthwhile. I had a great belly laugh!!!
    Loved it!!!

  4. Pamo

    Just reread this post…. Laughing about the photos taken the next day before you clocked out. I know that’s not really funny…. but still yet, it is.
    Perhaps you just make it funny.

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