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Bonus Skeleton Thursday !

…the distinct lack of articulated folk art skeletons in New Zealand has led me to experiment with clay and wire….

…early results are somewhat arthritic…

…but I’m working on it!….

…(…have to admit that this side ramble into 3d stuff is actually a direct result of wanting, but not being able to acquire an army of lego skeletons in short order….not sure why said army needs to be mine…probably just ‘cos…)…..

…(when in need, try making your own)….

6 responses to “Bonus Skeleton Thursday !

  1. Well they made me laugh, if that’s a good thing 😀

  2. I have a few Lego skeletons in my prop box, but yours are more cute.

  3. Pamo

    I really like these!

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