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Double Spread Paintbook

….and half of that would be….

…ergo the other half would be….

…and the coffee table I intend adorning with this design would be….


…buried under a mountain of other partially complete flights of fancy in the corner…..

4 responses to “Double Spread Paintbook

  1. This is a good one, love the spiral pattern.

  2. This is a favorite so far, hey put legs on the book et Voila: Le Coffee Table Booook. Green mnnn minty grassy … gangreny Sorry for lack of contact but it’s all pretty sad and dead down here etc … with the plague and that.

    • …ah…there you are…was just wondering the other day where your “voice” had gone…can only imagine what the wide wide world of is like…am only experiencing anxiety that it will eventually break thru big time here….bring on the vaccine!….(…the table would only have room for a small cup of coffee and a medium size cake plate…but will start the hunt for legs soon…)…

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