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And Exhale

…(for those of you that were holding your breaths between posts)….

…been tardy with communicating with the outside world, but I have an excuse or two….

…have been focused on the above…

…have been adjusting to new work hours and getting my head round larger, heavier machinery to operate…

…have been trying to assimilate the fact the my local city council representatives think “consultation” means telling me how it’s gonna be and not answering a single question I have put to them re:- them screwing the resale value of my property by sticking a sewer thru half of it….

…(am supposed to be typing a lengthy letter to “them” instead of blogging!)….

…being asked to come out of retirement from a certain area of my skill base to help someone organise a huge donation to charity….

…being asked to contribute to two (count ’em) compilation comics after god knows how long away from black and white creations….

….but I am still here.

…here’s a wee sneak at what this piece might be heading towards when done…

…bones still need to be re-burned, but I think this should elucidate the matter somewhat….



7 responses to “And Exhale

  1. Intriguing video! Love the rainbow colours. They’re putting a sewer through your house??

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