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Ladies And Gentlemen Start Your Engines

…. 20 crates (count ’em) of the record accumulation I’m currently processing will drop on the 4th of July, 2021, at Restore, 7 Gordon Street, Dunedin Central…

…here’s a random crate…

…ah, crap….let me try that again….

….the stack of 70 crates featured in last week’s post now sits at 72 with more to come from inside the house….

…we’ll be adding more crates to Restore’s stock every week for some time to come…

…something in there for almost everyone…


…see you Sunday, 11a.m…..


… and every subsequent Sunday…

…until it’s all done.

11 responses to “Ladies And Gentlemen Start Your Engines

  1. Anna Lemma Mucosa ⋅

    If I know you as well as I think I do, I bet your Miley Cyrus discography will sell out first.

  2. This Crating-Up video beats the hell out of all that Unboxing nonsense.

  3. Some good stuff just in that crate!

  4. The second to last one is “Osibisa – Woyaya”, still great stuff. Doesn´t matter that I can´t come around, I have a copy.

  5. Dujon Cullingford ⋅

    Amazing! Can we buy NZ records off you directly? I’m in the north island but would love to purchase some 60’s / 70’s NZ bits

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