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And Then There Was Three


…how to empty the pockets and wallets of record collectors in Dunedin for a third week running…

…Step 1 :- condense records left over from last week…(place excess, if any, in crates under tables)…

…Step 2 :- fill gaps in between older crates with 10 freshly prepared crates…(mmm…fresh crates)…

…Step 3 :- let the record collectors know that they need to be up bright and early and at the doors of Restore, 7 Gordon Street, Dunedin Central at 10a.m. or they might be able afford groceries this week…

…Step 4 :- reassure the record collectors that there only are 3 (maybe 4)…(maybe 5) more weeks of 10 crate drops to endure…

…Step 5 :- avoid record collectors immediate families and employers for all of time.

6 responses to “And Then There Was Three

  1. Haha glad it’s going well.

  2. ringwearer ⋅

    Hey mate you putting some more out there this Sunday ?

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