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Use Your Lockdown Wisely

….or not, depending on how much kids craft clay you have….

….this stuff cost $2 at the dump shop and I’m assuming that the previous owner had two packs and ditched the unopened one when they found how difficult it was to work with and how “dead-fish” slimy it was to handle….

..but hey, I had an extra day off presented to me at short notice and couldn’t think of anything better to do with said day, so I persevered….

…(the skeleton is from an earlier “sculpting” session…I suck at 3D….but give it a bash every once in awhile to see if I’ve acquired the skill whilst not practicing….er….that’s a nope on the skill acquisition by osmosis thing…)

…the small white ball at the front is the “change” from the 6 pack…

…the skeleton will be included in the final piece…

..(oh yes, there is a final piece)…

…back to a half day of work tomorrow at 1pm….

…(wish I had more clay for tomorrow morning)…

3 responses to “Use Your Lockdown Wisely

  1. They look like marzipan! You could make culinary versions quite easily I think.

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