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Not As Directionless As I Implied

….pre yesterday’s template piece….

…3 days later….

…outside the sketchbook pieces….

…to the right is a pre-template-ruled-line-felt-marker job…to the left is a post-template-with-new-improved-skull-size-standardisation-colour-pencil job….

….no, I won’t be making enough to paper the hallway….

…(or will I?)….

7 responses to “Not As Directionless As I Implied

  1. Oh yes you will Sir, you’ll have a plentiful amount, it can always be used ay bog roll, should things get rougher. If your Lockdown is anything like it was here you shall have enough for the Berlin … Wall … of China … no not saying anything to do with Wuhan. Anyway, go go go William Morris.

  2. goops “as bog roll NOT ay bog roll”

  3. It’s raining skulls hallelujah, raining skulls ah skulls.

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