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Sketchy LIII

…so….sketchbook hits a rough patch here where I got myself a day job and didn’t feel comfortable doodling on breaks with a high ebb and flow of workmates….

…at the same time I was trying to get back my cartooning mojo for not one, but two requests for contributions to local comics…with unsatisfying results as my head is just not currently in that space…

…these are excerpts from those troubled pages…

…ok ok…not as bad as I made it sound but if I compare it with what I was producing pre-this period, factor in that this is my entire sketchbook output for two whole months and what is going in the book now that I’m back on nightshift….it ain’t flash!….

5 responses to “Sketchy LIII

  1. I like the figures, so they must be good, what do you know?


  2. Not enough pickled cactussesi probably.

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