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Sketchy LXXXI

…I went back and checked….

…it’s been along time since I attempted to do stuff sequentially….


…having some “fun” getting my head back in the game…

…figured if I stopped drawing patterns and went back into the notebook and trawled for storylines it would all come flooding back…

….this may take some time…

…it’s also been an age since I handled cash….

…Kate and the Queen are on seperate bills…

…(illustrated below if you’re not from around here)….

…(OMG…could Mrs. A’ be using 2 bills at once?)….

8 responses to “Sketchy LXXXI

  1. Poop and circumstance then.

  2. LOL! I had to have a look what our Euro Notes look like, and I know why: they are boring, I don´t know what they show, and What is it good for?.

  3. Pamo

    I truly admire your passion for art- be it drawing patterns, carving wood, painting, and all the things you do to express your creativity. Your sequential art brings so many of those things to life- pattern, repetition, color, composition and added to that is your tremendous story telling ability.
    You are very unique and that shows in all of your art. Your sequential art is SPECTACULAR!!!

    • ….cheers Pamo…I’m blushing….(don’t remember the wood carving, but I’ll take the credit!)….feel the same about your stuff….(“Spectacular” not “don’t remember”…and looking forward to a return to the creative stuff from you)….

  4. M ⋅

    They call them the Sanchez twins

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