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Sketchy LXXXIV

…was trying to get some momentum to cartoon again….

….so have been doing sketch book comics from “found” scripts (the sketch book it is littered with “good ideas”)…

…but it all felt forced and incomplete (blanked when it came to backgrounds!)….

…kinda drifted back to eight legged things….

…and my good friend Dee gave me a coffee table book filled with Indian matchbox art….

…it would appear I’ve found another rabbit hole….

5 responses to “Sketchy LXXXIV

  1. Sounds like a good combo.

  2. I guess matchbooks are kinda rare with all this vaping , and how are they going to do detective stories and shows with no matchbooks to find on the corpse !

  3. Pamo

    You are always working on art and that’s what matters! I admire that about you very much.

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