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Sketchy 129

….from an ancient idea in a previous sketch book…

…based on cigar box seals….

…I think I was gonna make some cigar box guitars and got obsessed with that label patterns….

….or something….

…(apologies for the blurry bits….this sketchbook is warped beyond good scanning from pressing too hard with the pens!)….


2 responses to “Sketchy 129

  1. Cigar box guitars are well cool. Seen a guy selling some at Tynemouth market, he played them pretty good too. Are you feeling better yet?

    • …coming and going…think I have a handle on it then have to have a lie down….getting there…creating again…don’t have to seek “proper” employment till mid Jan’….(cigar box guitars are on that long list of stuff that I’d like to try but may never have enough time!)….(so don’t hold your breath on those!)….

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