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Sketchy 131

… a long time between sips at the posting well…

….been having trouble finding a thought to string together…

…my covid was officially “long” on Monday….

…am slowly finding structure between rest stops (every 40 minutes to an hour I have to have a sit down…but whose counting?)…

…and I am more able to make stuff now than I was a couple of weeks ago and can perform 1 physical task a day (plus a 20 minute walk most days)….

…the stuff I’d like to post from where I left off pre-covid feels like it’s losing it’s relevance to the stuff I’m eking out now….



…for the record like….

….(time for a sit down)….


10 responses to “Sketchy 131

  1. Ah man Tone, that’s a pile of poo, (covid not your artwork). Really sorry to hear you’re having a hard time of it. The artwork is fab though!

  2. stripman

    Sorry to hear about your health problems. Hope you get better soon !
    Meanwhile on the other side of the globe, it’s freazing cold and we can’t afford to put the heater on. But who’s moaning…;o)

  3. Bloody hell you are not having a good time..I am now two months into back to back doses of something or other and its hell so cant imagine what its like for you TT…sending some good thoughts.

    • …ooo…don’t envy your backtobacks….am showing glacial improvement…and am drawing and painting in a simplified capacity…(am actually having a good time cos all I can do is draw paint and lie around watching vid’s and youtube)….

      • Its awful just being under the weather all the time…glad you are getting something out of it. I feel like someone should take me out and shoot me…asked my boss to do it last week but he had to refuse, cited Health and Safety regs or some shite…

      • …haha…don’t do that Clare…we’d all miss your erraticism…am actually not feeling too bad about it all…thankfully I know what being shitfaced stoned all the time is like (can’t remeber why) and have a masters in just staring out the window…

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