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Paintbook Twoo/3

…holy crap…

…I haven’t posted a paintbook page since before I had covid….

…that’s like September last year!….

….and this is what covid did to my painter brain….

…was going to try and emulate the background-circle effect as seen in the last post….

…with something in the fore ground…

…covid brain neglected to process that in sketchbook I was doing the foreground first and the circles were generating from points on said foreground, not appearing as a fixed/regimented background….

…like the one I’d just finished producing….

…over two pages…

…mmm… thank you covid brain….

…(at least I know I can paint circles, right?)…

7 responses to “Paintbook Twoo/3

  1. It’s still very ‘you’ though, your essence is apparent even with covid brain.

  2. Hi Tony, someone from a rare NZ records facebook group told me to get in touch with you regarding an LP you had in your shop a while ago. I am currently compiling a post on my research blog on psychiatric-related sound recordings and was wondering if you still have for sale a record titled “The Friends of Music – a music therapy programme recorded in a New Zealand psychiatric hospital.” Let me know if you can help! Regards, Michael.

    • Hi Michael….sorry man, no can do…shop has been closed for a number of years now and I can’t for the life of remember what became of that plate…it was fucking fabulous tho’…will keep my eyes peeled for another… never know….

  3. CE Scott

    Love this…super focused, like tiny, bloodshot, frog eyes…

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