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Even Further Adding

….to my two previous offerings….

…just some skulls and bones…

…and some more…

…and some more…

…and some more…

…is that enough?…

…I’m not sure I should be the judge….


3 responses to “Even Further Adding

  1. fishriderrecords ⋅

    This makes me think of someone visiting that nice old couple down the road to check they are OK. They invite you in and offer you a cup of tea. While they are in the kitchen you notice the wall-paper and thinks it’s just some old 1950s pattern. Then you look closer and realise it’s a bit weirder than that, and that it looks like they’ve drawn it themselves, obsessively over many years perhaps. You slowly make the heart-stopping conclusion they may be occultist serial killers. You leave quietly before they return with your hemlock tea…

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