Oh Crap Is That The Date

…it’s the 21st of December and I haven’t yet posted pictures of this years Xmas album display…IMG_3314 IMG_3315 IMG_3316 IMG_3317


…it was my good friend Dee’s only “chore” when she gave me the afternoon off…and she did a damn fine job….

…this years Xmas record sales have equaled last years (3) and with a half promise on another, we may, for the fourth year running, be about to experience continued growing returns from this emerging market…

…speaking of “damn”… the figures for my nativity scene haven’t been as popular as I thought they would be…maybe I should stop referring to them as Xmas desecrations┬árather┬áthan Xmas decorations….

…(no photo of them as a group, sorry, but unlike the very well behaved cows and sheep, the my ass wouldn’t stay still for the shot)….

..(badum tisss)…


IMG_3286 IMG_3285 IMG_3284 IMG_3283


…and finally…a framed, needle point piccy from 1958, of a little dog I got from the dump as an Xmas pressies for myself….




…(yes, I have since taken the time to clean the seagull poo off of it)….

…jingle bells.



…thanks but no thanks…Scan 36


…I used to enjoy a good game of football (all three kinds) but professionalism in sport messed it up for me…

…the thought of attending a match of skill and athletic ability with rabid flag wavers screaming for the blood of practically any one on the pitch, be it match officials or players from the opposing side or, more often than not, some minor hiccupper from “their” team is not my idea of a good time….

…maybe if they reintroduced real lions to the arena, that would be something to see.