Hat Not Balls

…way back in the 80s Sedgewick’s hat was supposed to look like Mickey Mouse ears….

Scan 318


…not balls as some would have you believe…

…(to reassure myself that my drawing skills have improved over the intervening years I had a go at drawing them ears again last night…dammit!…they still look like balls).

I May Have Mentioned

…that there was something about A. Kitty that made him different from other cartoon cats…

…(apart from looking like a dog in some folks eyes)…Scan 306


…it was right under your noses all along.


…thanks but no thanks…Scan 36


…I used to enjoy a good game of football (all three kinds) but professionalism in sport messed it up for me…

…the thought of attending a match of skill and athletic ability with rabid flag wavers screaming for the blood of practically any one on the pitch, be it match officials or players from the opposing side or, more often than not, some minor hiccupper from “their” team is not my idea of a good time….

…maybe if they reintroduced real lions to the arena, that would be something to see.

My Cousin Has An Amusement Park

….and, boy, was I amused…IMG_0267


…I know health & safety is of great concern to one and all everywhere in the entire, but shouldn’t there be a common-decency-proof-reading-committee or something…

…I’ll swear my aunt, who conducted our tour of said facility, couldn’t understand why I needed to photograph this sign.