Hat Not Balls

…way back in the 80s Sedgewick’s hat was supposed to look like Mickey Mouse ears….

Scan 318


…not balls as some would have you believe…

…(to reassure myself that my drawing skills have improved over the intervening years I had a go at drawing them ears again last night…dammit!…they still look like balls).

The One I Did When Chris Knox Had His First Stroke

…tip of the hat to Chris’  “Jesus On A Stick” comic that I had some stuff published in …in the middle dark ages, or there abouts…Scan 167 Scan 168 Scan 169


…I tabled the idea that we could do a tribute comic to go with the tribute fund raiser CD that was put together to help him with his medical costs…

..the resulting silence was deafening.


… cheers Chris for all the help you gave me when I was starting out in comics.