Lockdown 28

…a couple of days ago Dee pointed out, after a particularly gruelling safari in the garden, that bees and butterflies had discovered and were feeding off the fruit bits on the top of the compost heap…

…behaviour I’ve not noted before because I usually discard the household scraps shortly before I mow the lawns…(lawns not happening because- night shift)….

…we’ve tried for the last couple of days to photograph this, but or camera work and the co-operation of bugs was not what you would expect from a well run insect park….

,,,today that was slightly better….

…unfortunately these average efforts might be the end of it due to greatly increased sightings of flies and wasps….

…which is kinda why I was covering up the scraps in the first place….

Wigging Out

…Arno is from Liechtenstein… he visits NZ whenever he can…he likes Dunedin music…before he came to visit me he dropped in on the venerable Roi Colbert and as Arno had a bit of a cold he decided to wear a mask so as not to infect the vulnerable old fellow¬†¬†with his nasty bugs….the mask was still round his neck when he arrived here…IMG_1525

…and you just know I’m gonna use my powers of persuasion when confronted with stuff like this….

…and I did.



…in other news…


…anyone able to explain why three people in purple wigs need to climb a tree with a giant rubiks cube, please inform the proper authorities.