What Is A Boy To Do

…..that’s it….less than a crate of stock left…three items still to be collected….the large radio station record unit (that’s still in the pictures) has gone to it’s new forever home….


…the record shop is finally closed….(apart for some tax stuff)…

…now I can have my hallway back….

…and my free time?….

…I’ll be dealing with these….IMG_0449IMG_0450IMG_0451

…75 or so “donor” paintings, just waiting to be “Otcopied”, that have amassed whilst I’ve been busy….

…(has anyone seen my paint brushes?)….

…(and why does there seem to be rather of a lot of wooden items accumulating ’round the house?…are they possibly associated with “Toneware”)….

….(hmmm, I’m going to be busy, aren’t I?).

Out Of Stock


…”gallery” signage from a week or so ago…all re-stocked now…

…and rushing off to start on my first skull & bones commission…

…busy busy.


…we got records…



…Dunedin is raining records at the moment….

..hurry! whilst stocks last!

…er…before stocks topple and crush me to death.


…(this is third big collection in less than 2 months…I’m so busy I hardly have time to blog!….or stare out the window).


No Post On Sunday But I Have An Excuse

…first time I’ve missed posting since I started this blog….IMG_0713

…but this collection took me way longer to price out than I was expecting (2hrs longer!)…

IMG_0714…6 plastic cubes chock full of amazing stuff…three Dole banana boxes of ok stuff…and three more banana boxes that went straight to Restore (Hi Sarah!)…(Restore is our local Habitats For Humanity charity shop, support it please)…

…many thanks to my good friend Dee who had to rearrange her band practice (that’s kinda like re-herding cats after they’ve stampeded) because I wasn’t watching the time and don’t have a cellular device…

….I broke the “no-shop-on-your-day-off” rule as well, just to try and clear the floor…

…and I’m still processing it on Tuesday…

…nearly 1000 lps and associated  7″s…blues, country, folk…early NZ stuff….gems!!!

…so much good stuff I could poop

…but don’t have time!


(teaser alert)


…never seen this one before…

…(radio play comedy thing I think)…IMG_0729 IMG_0731


…must be old, because I’m pretty sure you can’t eat Kiwis anymore…(well, not in a restaurant anyway)….

…will start cleaning & pricing in a couple of weeks….

…once I’ve regained my blogging equilibrium.

Found And Lost

…you’ll all be relieved to know that my good friend Jungle Fari turned up safe and well on Thursday… he’d been playing some gig up Karamea way and hadn’t thought to keep me fully informed….

…and any one knowing the whereabouts of Mr. Heazlewood please get him to call in to our menswear department and take the load off our harried staff who, even as we speak, are being run ragged with inquiries as to the well being of his underpants….IMG_0830


…I know it’s uncool to post pictures of screen shots but, hey, how often do your search engine terms read like this?

Heavy Shelling @ Bored In A Record Shop

… I am very busy …. following my stats….. far too busy to write cohesively ….

10:01:13 - 10

…. seems that the young chaps whom I photographed for my post


have discovered the evidence and are in the process of letting all their mates know…

10:01:13 - 12

… while I do appreciate the huge spike in “views”, I hope for their sake that they take into account the small degree of separation in NZ….

10:01:13 - 13

…and that they haven’t “friended” their employers on facebook at some point in the past and forgotten about it….

10:01:13 - 14

…. so if you , my small gaggle of regular followers, will  forgive my distraction…

10:01:13 - 15

…  and  accept this gift of shell pictures until I return to my usual, little noticed, self.

I’m So Busy I Could Spit

Breath in…

All my grand plans for blogging up a veritable storm of wildly funny anecdotes today have long flown out the window…. I’ve taken below average monies…Misters Heazlewood & Gutteridge & my good good friend Dee graced the shop with their musician oriented jibber-jabber…Nice couple from Melbourne…talked musical shit for ages…then sent them off to find our mutual acquaintance Mr Heazlewood, whom they’d missed by 10 minutes…. Junglefari also stopped by for a catch-me-up on some sound-system/dancehall bidniz …I have drunk/ given away two pots of coffee… I’ve had my first out of town customer who found me via the blog …shoulda taken his photo, but his wife & kids came rolling into the shop with the pressing need to be doing touristy things instead of waiting in the car…. took me till 2.30pm to finish my lunch….. had a box of 45s arrive from ol’ buddy Chris, without whom we all might not be experience these mutual moments, being as it was his high paying job & penchant for air freighted obscurities (anyone else here remember shopping overseas “before the-intraweb”?) that largely shaped my passion for exploring every avenue of music I possibly could….this box of 45s contains a single that I’ve been trying to find since Chris played it to me over 30 years ago…I’ve never seen another copy….. I’m so happy I could shit!

This is so rushed I’ve been back to edit it 4 times….

Breath out.

Does this cloud look an elephant to you?10:01:13 - 16

Missing Men Department.

This is a public service announcement.

In the busy post Xmas sale season we seem to have accumulated quite a number of husbands, boy friends, partners, other halves and man children in our Missing Men department….IMG_0639

…. and while all of them appear to be content at this point, we’d appreciate it if they were collected before the end of trading today as we certainly don’t want to have to feed, bathe and tuck them in tonight.

…. P.S. They have YOUR credit card.

Here we go again

Wow…. yesterday I was going to catch up on all the stuff I was going to post pre-xmas…

Stuff that went by the board ‘cos my MacGuru came round to wish me seasonal well being (Hi Matt) and stayed for four hours re-building my blog from the ground up ‘cos I’ve been offending everyone on the intraweb with my  HUGE  image files, when he should have been out enjoying the sun shine….

Yesterday was off the hook….

Phone call from an ol’ buddy who I haven’t spoken to for twenty-odd years (Hi Chris)…

Drive-by and visit from another ol’ buddy & his wife, who I get to see once a year if they can find a gap in their busy Xmas visit to these fine shores (Hi John & Tania)….

…and everyone else in the world decided it was a good day to shop for records!


So here’s a picture for you to look at whilst I try and figure out what all these notes that me and Matt scrawled actually mean (Hi Matt)…

Scan 1