Onward Smokin Soldiers

….marching off to war, with a gaggle of boozers going on before….

(to the tune of “onward christian soldiers”)Scan 15


…. this one was taken from a beautiful poster of Russian soldiers marching into battle with the spirits of the revolutionaries behind them in the clouds….

…kinda got it in my head that cigarette smokers were fighting a similar battle to drinkers from the prohibition era….

…and we all know how well that worked, don’t we?



I got the whole world to stub my butt on

… more sketchbook stuff with the communist propaganda poster/giving up the cig’s flavour…Scan 5… I started on some art work that doesn’t involve giant cig’s or smoking related txt today….. feel relieved that the whole nicotine dependence thing  is off the drawing board and well exorcised…

…for the time being.

…you guys, however, have to read about it for awhile longer as I obsessively post most everything I draw.

The End is in Sight

…another pair of images mis-appropriated from communist propaganda posters… almost done with this particular arc of “reasoning” in the sketchbook…Scan 7


…was about to push the button on a sad little post containing these about 5 minutes ago….

….very bottom-lip-out-creative-sad-f**k in nature….

…Sod that!… these doodles have not only helped me thru the smoking cessation process, but they’ve inspired me to draw over 180 pages of doodles that, at last count, could spawn close to 60 pieces of finished “art”…

…gonna miss them when they’re done.

(there… positive-hat back on)

Of Course I Am Alright

….My good friend Dee stumbled across this in the sketchbook….Scan 8…she suggested that it wouldn’t look good if presented to the “authorities”….

“It’s just lettering practice for a finished piece of doodling I’m working on”, says I.

….”They may not see it that way”, says she.

…finished art work on display tomorrow…. sooner if the “authorities” turn up.

The Advent of the EYE

…over here in New Zealand we have a lovely image that graces our tobacco packaging…it is supposed to put us off smoking… it’s a giant eyeball, being held open by metal, medical clampy things… it is remeniscent of Mr Jackson’s rendition of Mr Tolkein’s all seeing eye from LOTR….we mainly just laugh at it….at one point I was trying to accumulate enough copies of it to wallpaper the toilet….Scan 13…it soon came to pass that it replaced the international “no-smoking” symbol in the sketches (blatant rip-offs?) of USSR propaganda posters I was playing with….


Back in the USSR

…at about day 4 or 5 of quitting smoking the desire to draw things that were cig’ related was quite high… after all it’s the thing that’s first and foremost in your mind at the time… following on from the “bananas” guys I decided that now was the time to add straps to their pants and start mining the design theft potentiality in communist era propaganda posters…

Scan 11


…colour by the week end folks…. stay tuned.