Lines Blurring Between Universes

…Sedgewick, Cornelius Stone (albeit a very young one) and The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles existing on the same plane all at once?…Scan 521


…one is hoping that this¬†recipe for disaster was, at least, nutritional.

For Christchurch 2

…this….Scan 90

…is a hybrid of these….

Scan 84_original


… still pissed for the folk of Christchurch…. and any body caught up in natural disasters in general, as governments and local bodies, all over the globe, ¬†continue to struggle with providing what they told us they could, should the need arise….

…the best disaster preparedness, as far as I can tell, is to live along way away from all disasters.

(apologies to any one whose broadband allotment got eaten by this post… the scan I took wouldn’t go thru any other way than full blast….will try to correct tomorrow…)