I’m So Busy I Could Spit

Breath in…

All my grand plans for blogging up a veritable storm of wildly funny anecdotes today have long flown out the window…. I’ve taken below average monies…Misters Heazlewood & Gutteridge & my good good friend Dee graced the shop with their musician oriented jibber-jabber…Nice couple from Melbourne…talked musical shit for ages…then sent them off to find our mutual acquaintance Mr Heazlewood, whom they’d missed by 10 minutes…. Junglefari also stopped by for a catch-me-up on some sound-system/dancehall bidniz …I have drunk/ given away two pots of coffee… I’ve had my first out of town customer who found me via the blog …shoulda taken his photo, but his wife & kids came rolling into the shop with the pressing need to be doing touristy things instead of waiting in the car…. took me till 2.30pm to finish my lunch….. had a box of 45s arrive from ol’ buddy Chris, without whom we all might not be experience these mutual moments, being as it was his high paying job & penchant for air freighted obscurities (anyone else here remember shopping overseas “before the-intraweb”?) that largely shaped my passion for exploring every avenue of music I possibly could….this box of 45s contains a single that I’ve been trying to find since Chris played it to me over 30 years ago…I’ve never seen another copy….. I’m so happy I could shit!

This is so rushed I’ve been back to edit it 4 times….

Breath out.

Does this cloud look an elephant to you?10:01:13 - 16