New World Order

…. what if they ordered a new world and only one person showed to to use it?IMG_0243

Spooky…. went looking for this post to re-attach the photo, last one to attach after the grand purge instigated by my MacGuru (Hi Matt) …. only to find that the post had disappeared completely….had to re-create it from memory..

Apologies if it looks like I’m repeating myself….

….Conspiracy,  anyone?…

Tentaclely Thing

You know how sometimes you get a graphic idea in your head and it HAS to come out…..

Scan 3


Scan 2

….thankfully the “tentaclely” period was brief, although the 50s/60s wallpaper inspired patterns are a recurring theme… the second attempt nearly blew a few valves… Drawing till 1 in the morning then getting back to it the next day, only to find that you can’t quite remember which bit of tentacle is attached which…. had to go thru the whole damn thing like a kids activity book maze and number the each bit!…. shoulda taken pics… it looked like paint by numbers!

…er… and its probably worth mentioning that HP Lovecraft mentions Dunedin, NZ in his marvelous historical document “The Call Of Cthulhu”…. something about drums booming in the surrounding hills… was fully expecting the big guy to turn up yesterday…. had a sacrifice picked out and everything!


End of the World For Sure

So, I came in this morning and fired up the MAC (did I already mention I bought a MAC??) to see if I’d attained more “like” from strangers (all bloggers do that, right?)… only to find this on my blog stats page-IMG_0510

…. now it may not be “end-of-the-world” day where you are just yet, but thanks to the vagaries of international date & time lines, it is HERE …. Also consider the significance of this number to people in or associated with the music industry…. freaky, huh?

Please tell me you all got together and engineered this thru the power of intraweb social media….. or I’m closing up early and going home to hide under a blanket (nice orange, cream and green, NZ made, pure wool double I got from my local refuse recycling depot) till this is all over one way or another.