Outside Toilets How I Love Thee

…let me count the ways…IMG_0771

… none..

I will not use them if I must,

I will not use them else I bust,

I’d rather hold on like a dam,

I will not use them Sam you am.

(o.k…. I did add the “unsafe” sign myself)


…and if I really have to….. really, really have to…

…I’ll take a pen to take my mind off the “unpleasantness”…


…this facility is the only down side of visiting my good friend Dee on the weekend…

…sometimes the door needs to be cleared of wind blown sand (and once, a sea lion!) before you can open it…then when you’re in you can, oft times, be confronted with great dunes of gritty beach leavings that need to be swept aside before you can be seated …and then there is the resident cloud of flies that can reach plague proportions at times…. (don’t mention the spider….do not mention the spider) ….not an environment conducive to tasks that need to be actioned urgently….

I am a country boy , but there’s a reason I moved to town…. indoor plumbing.