Thar She Blows

…out walking on the Aramoana Mole when we noticed the Monarch (local tourist boat) edging in on something large….IMG_6516IMG_6516 (1)IMG_6517IMG_6517 (1)

…humpback whales!!!….Mum & calf (not caught on camera) flollopping about at the harbour mouth for a good 6 or seven dives before we abandoned play because of an incoming Southerly front…

…got back to the crib, grabbed a cuppa, wandered out to the beach to see if they were still about and was treated to one or ‘tother slapping their tail on the surface 7 or 8 times then proceeding to flip over and slap the water with both flippers ….(too busy waving my arms about and shouting encouragement to take photos, sorry)…then they proceeded to swim into the harbour channel, which at their closest put them within 30 meters of us,  so we followed them on foot as far as the extreme southern end of the Aramoana spit….not far on an incoming tide! ….till we lost sight of them almost opposite the Otakou Marae…IMG_6519IMG_6519 (1)

….not many photos, I know, but there was so much running and looking to be done, I couldn’t find the time.

…(yay, whales).

Last Of The Brownlee’s

….the last sketchbook vestige of this once maligned fact**t…


… the Brownlee has been superseded in what passes for my mind, by Governmentzilla, a more broadly usable figure when it comes to expressing my horror in the actions and attitudes of the NZ government and, for that matter, any other be-suited fuck wit who makes life-screwing decisions on our behalf…Scan 29


…I’m not saying he wont “resurface” from time to time, depending on his behaviour in real life, I’m just acknowledging that  he shouldn’t be blamed for everything..(folk from CHCH can ignore that last remark)…

…(…and for the trainspotters amongst you…”they call him Brownlee, Brownlee, slower than paint dries…” is sung to the tune of the theme song from the 60s dolphinploitation TV show”Flipper”…)