Somewhere Off The Interstate

…when motels become used car yards…IMG_4513


…they buy enormous dogs that bark at you incessantly whilst you are trying to accumulate photos of a disappearing art form…

…don’t remember exactly where this is…but I remember the dog…sounded like it was as big as a cow.

(dog not shown).

Sunday Arvo melting down.

Oh, man its a slow day… even for a Sunday…. It’s well into the 20s (Celsius)… so everyone has buggered off to the beach.

Typical, a few cracks in the pack-ice and everyone in Dunedin is suddenly overcome with the urge to strip down to their long-johns, cover any resulting exposed areas with SP100 goo and risk frost bite/ skin cancer instead of buying records….

Hell… if I’d got up a little earlier I coulda gone and hung out in my favourite junkyard in┬áLaramie, Wy….um… It’s not that far, I’m sure I could get back by Tuesday…