How Will We Pay For That

….raiding a guy who is rich enough to sue your country…..and win….Scan 109


….(big ups to Mastercard…nice ad’….oh, and I’ll pay you what I owe you as soon as I can….).


…(explanations about the main protagonists in this cartoon are 3 posts back….)…

Where Do I Start

…I guess I should start with an apology to Kim Dotcom, internet entrepreneur and NZ resident….

…sorry Mr D’, no offence intended….but….Scan 107


…why, if you were of interest to the the US government for “crimes” against big biz, did the NZ government grant you residency, be friendly towards you, then raid your home at the behest of the US, illegally as it happens, then claim they didm’t know you were a resident…etc….etc….

…now your gonna sue them….and by them I mean us, the poor slobs who don’t entirely understand what the hell is going on ….but we are going to be paying for it with our taxes…..

…sorry Kim.

…(google Kim Dotcom & Cthulhu if you’re not sure of the reference….under no circumstances google the NZ government….they’ll welcome you with open arms, read your e-mails, raid your house…and now there is a strong likelihood that they will poison your babies as well…)…..

The one With KImDotCom In It

Scan 50


…so Kim comes over to our house to play and asks if he can stay and Governmentzilla says yes and we give him citizenship and then BIGBIZ U.S.A says they want him rolled and Governmentzilla ┬ásays ok we’ll use our cops and spies and we’ll take a whole lot of his stuff and send his ass back to a place far, far away where he’ll be brought to justice for his crimes against the paragons of virtue that make up the entertainment industry…

…then it it all goes legally wrong and Kim says he’ll sue Governmentzilla cos what they did contravenes whole lumps of law, both on land and the high seas and that will serve Governmentzilla right for bothering Mr Dotcom in the first place….

…and the moral of the story?…

…don’t hold you breath because this is not a story with morals.

P.S. Kim, if you do sue the NZ government and win, please consider me, as an NZ taxpayer, punished for drawing unflattering pictures of you and putting them on the internet.