Hereditary Obsession

…I blame my Mother….

…who described the Xmas fridge as “technical” (and banned any of us from attempting to take stuff out or put stuff back in for the duration)…IMG_3364

and¬†claimed she was going to point out this label I discovered on the guest bed when I was making it (she’d run out of laundry tape)…




…because she knew I’d want to photograph it.

Things You Didn’t need to know about YOUR Laundromat

…Oooo… would you use a coin operated washing machine if you knew that this many pairs of (humongous) y-fronts had just been thru it in one load?….IMG_5110


…and this is only half the pile!!…

…(no, they are not mine).


…(they are a service wash that was being performed at my local laundromat for a customer who has 60 pairs of these and gets his wash done every couple of months…..)…

…(now would be a good time to withdraw that application for a ¬†laundromat job boys & girls)