Warning To All My Brethren And Sistren In Logistics And Retail

…unlike the first robin of spring but similar to the ground hog on ground hog day….

…the first pallet of Xmas crap stock arrived in the warehouse last night…

…it’s coming boys and girls….

…earlier every year, I swear…

…brace yourselves….

…(…also note inverted “caution” symbols…it’s not even October and your shit is already upside down!….)….

Lockdown 12

…the end of week 2 hoves into sight..I find myself with more time to do creative stuff…still working as an “essential” worker in logistics…unloading 1 truck instead of 3 with a reduced number of forklifts (to save money they have hidden the keys on the fork’ I’m most proficient on!) and with a much later start time (4.30am instead of 1am) because reduction in freight volumes mean the earlier runs have been mothballed for the duration…we’ve been cut to a guaranteed 32 paid hours regardless of wether we work all those hours or not, thanks to the Government’s thoughtful wage subsidy…(can’t afford any frills but am thankful to have enough income to subsist in comfort!)…. finish time is a bit fluid but seems to fall around when I’d normally be having my “evening” meal…(start time coincides to when I’ve adjusted to consuming lunch)….I don’t seem to anything other than a bit more tired than usual (and fucking hungry all the time) so I’m still getting up at around 9.00pm….(gotta stay “in character” for when the trucks start to roll in again)….subsequently when my good friend Dee, who is sheltering in place with me, has shuffled off to bed I have an extra 4 hours to squander on blogging and drawing and painting and burning skulls and crossbones on every surface I can find…

…(was hoping to get sent home on subsidy for the duration, but essential workers can’t be choosers)…. : 0