From The Office Of The President Of The Vinyl Filled State Of Tootonekstan


….after 7 years of 6 day weeks, no holidays (apart from longish w/ends in Kokonga), no sick leave (except for one and a half days where I could barley stand),  whilst celebrating the the fourth anniversary of the cut off date for employing a part timer and this being the third summer that I have clasped my hands together and batted my eyelashes towards the heavens while intoning the mantra “maybe this summer there’ll be enough money saved to get new glasses”, I’ve decided to call time on Too Tone Records….

…nope, that’s it… no discussion will be entered into, no business advice will be taken, no cajoling will be succumbed to… I’m off to find a nice mindless shit-job and save up for being able to see clearly again….(and maybe buy some new underpants)….

…all the stock from the back room is groomed and ready to be presented in three weekly doses of 3-400 new arrivals avalanches…everything will be offered for sale to my loyal locals and any “foreign-devils” lucky enough to be in the area before it is packed away to be sold, over time, on Trade Me….

…last day of shop trade will be January 15th 2017….hurry whilst stocks last.

…a huge shout out and my undying gratitude to all my regulars, from here, from there, from overseas….. without your dedication to hunting for black plastic discs I wouldn’t have been able to do the biz for as long as I have,  sorry if I haven’t been able to tell you all about shutting shop personally, but time and circumstances can’t facilitate that….to all the naysayers and over precious obsessives…fuck you – go bother someone else… : )

…to my suppliers, come and have a yarn and we’ll stock take…

…huge props to the Feastock team, you are legendary…Feastock tickets?…the committee are on to it and will inform you in good time as to the whereabouts of  their new ticket outlet….(see you all up there)….

…an especially huge thank you to my good friend Dee whose support & loyalty to the Too Tone brand has got me thru some rough patches…

Tone Out



… (truth be told…. I couldn’t bring myself to continue running a small business without John Key at the helm of Godzone…thank you John for all the support, tax breaks, mentoring and custom over the years…it’s been real….).

May The Ducks Of Paradise

…honk down your chimney….IMG_1989IMG_1990

…they were actually taking turns at looking down the chimney & honking….

…lucky the business that resides in this building was closed…

…not a pleasant sound at the best of times.


Walking Back From My Mechanics


…still very autumnal in the middle of winter….

…still no real frost 1 day before the shortest day…

…nice, but we’re all stuffed aren’t we?…..